SOS in many languages symbolizes urgency. The Self on the Shelf (SOS) Gift Box has been deemed just that. It’s a must have for all little girls. Each item included conveys a positive affirmation that equips little girls with the tools to be confident and unstoppable. You’re probably asking yourself, what’s the urgency? Well, let me tell you…

The I Know My Worth t-shirt is a billboard in itself. It displays a message of confidence, self assurance, excitement, and resilience. The meaning of those four powerful words implies, “You can never devalue who I am, or tell me what I’m not.” If all little girls could exude such confidence, it could have a positive affect on their lives forever.

Of course, we can’t forget about the Self on the Shelf: I’m Worth More book written by Caroline Branch. It is undoubtedly the main attraction in the box and source of inspiration. It’s a masterpiece that uses humorous-rhythmatic meaningful and relatable dialogue to teach: forgiveness, kindness, self worth, gratefulness, and unselfishness. Everyone could stand to take a page from this book. It’s relevant now and in the future to children of all ages, genders, and races.

Another way to keep the readers loyal and motivated is, The Gracie Mae Promise. It’s a wonderful way to hold each person accountable for their actions and a daily reminder of who you are. There won’t be a day that passes without you feeling affirmed and ready for the day!

Lastly, we had to throw in some sweet treats and a couple pinbuttons with positive affirmations on them. The pinbuttons could be used to accessorize backpacks, tops, hats, sneakers, headbands, and more. The gift box and all it’s content is the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

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Caroline M. Branch, Author of the Self on the Shelf book series, partnered with the Inter-Denominational Church God (ICOG) for

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