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A rambunctious, free-sprited eight year old who loves to collect gifts and stores them in her bedroom closet. She collects them from anyone who likes her
enough to give her one. She’s known for her bubbly personality and the red bows meticulously placed in her hair.


Speaking three languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese fluently has made Chloe the best reader of all times. On any given day, you’ll find her reading to the displaced children in her mother’s shelter for the homeless. Her mother rewards her by giving her a dime for every book read.


He collects Sci-fi comic books that he acquired from his world renowned uncle, Alfert Weinstein. When he isn’t impressing his friends with his extensive collection, Myles enjoys rolling through his neighborhood on his custom Sci-fi designed Longboard.


Ruby has a love for frogs and creepy crawlers, Ruby has a love for frogs and creep crawlers. Oftentimes, you can find her in her backyard searching for rare bugs and frogs to show some love. She also enjoys practicing martial arts with her older brother who teaches at the community center in her neighborhood.


Being deaf hasn’t stopped Kelly from doing what she loves, never have and never will. She’s passionate about flower photography. Her floral art gallery is massive. During her world travel with her family, she has snapped some of her most precious and cherished shots. To date, Kelly has visited more than ten countries and thirty-one states so far.


He’s known for his patience and strategic thinking, which explains why he’s undefeated and holds the title for the Worlds Junior Chess Championship. He never passes up the opportunity to compete. Aaren was adopted at birth by his loving family and is an only child. He loves nothing more than spending time with friends and family.


She has a pet pig named Princess. She enjoys dressing her up in pig-princess outfits designed by her mother topped with a cute tiara. When she isn’t spending her allowance on princess outfits for Princess, she surfs. She’s known in the surfer’s world as Piggee.


Her voice is heaven sent. She and her family live in a homeless shelter near her school. When she isn’t singing her way to a happy place, she helps take care of her five year old brother and sings in her church’s choir. Her biggest dream is to use her voice as a platform to reach millions and some day afford her family a new life.


There’s no sport that she doesn’t excel in. She’s a future star athlete like Stephanie Kurry. Every opportunity she gets to play basketball, tennis, or golf, she takes. Sue comes from a family of athletes. She has learned from the best and it shows. When she isn’t perfecting her athletic craft, she competes in beauty pageants.


Her friends call her Snoopy because she always reports the latest news concerning her community of friends. When she isn’t being Snoopy, the news reporter, she enjoys Classical and Contemporay ballet. Her favorite ballet shoes were passed down to her by her Great, Great, Grandmother. She wears them in all of her performances.