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I'm Worth More

“It is the ideal read for classrooms and family time because it is sure to invoke meaningful, heartfelt, and memorable conversations!”

- Caroline Branch

Book Description

It is a captivating read that appeals to a wide range of children about acquiring things does not equate to love or validates their worth. By realizing their self-worth early on, they are more equipped to make smarter choices when it comes to who they associate with, how they treat other, and how they view themselves. It is the ideal read for classrooms and family time because it is sure to invoke meaningful heartfelt, and memorable conversations!

Gracie Mae is a seven year old who celebrates her eighth birthday in the book. This is during one of the most impressionable times of her life. She gets excited when putting on her Princess dress, baking cookies w/ her mother, or spending time with her friends. But nothing excites her more than receiving gifts for birthdays, holidays, and on special occasions! Unlike most eight year olds, she uses her gifts as trophies and stores them on a shelf in her bedroom closet. Over the years, the gifts have subconsciously become a shrine used to validate her self-worth. Until one night in a dream, she has an epiphany and her life is never the same.

With a delightful rhythmic beat & stunning illustrations that delivers important life’s lesson, Self on the Shelf: I’m Worth More is an ode to the importance of self-worth, respect, and kindness as seen through the eyes of an eight year old. It lends itself to much needed parental, classroom, and group discussions. (For ages 4 to 8)


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