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Please allow me this opportunity to introduce myself. I am the author of the book titled, Self on the Shelf: I’m Worth More. Your first thought is probably, “What could this book possibly be about?” Well, I have the answer for you…

My Story

This book originated out of my desire to convey a message of self-worth to young girls. Gracie Mae is an eight-year-old, who collects gifts from birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. She stores them on the shelf in her bedroom closet. The more gifts she collects, the more loved she feels. Gracie Mae associates receiving gifts with her self-worth.


In retrospect, this book chronicles my life in many ways. I am a two-time survivor of domestic abuse. While in those relationships, I accumulated things in the form of gifts. When receiving gifts, they seemed to validate my self-worth. I was more willing to remain in the toxic relationships because I equated the gifts with love. The more gifts I received, the more love I felt. Until one day, I came to the realization that I am more than my gifts. This was the beginning of the healing process for me and when the title for this book, Self on the Shelf: I’m Worth More, originated.

It’s my hope that this book promotes positive dialogues between young girls and their guardians worldwide on what self-worth really means. In addition, help them to understand what it means to love yourself, respect, and care for others. We never stop being parents, but we can always change how we parent.

I look forward to you sharing your thoughts on your reading experience and hearing how it has impacted your life. I hope this book blesses your household as much as it has blessed mine. Please remember to subscribe to get our new book releases and updates on upcoming events.

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